Local Shopping

This section covers rustic goods, hardware, gifts, sporting goods, everyday items and services, galleries, etc.  Food is covered elsewhere. They are listed in roughly the order you find them driving into Town from the south, on Route 73 off I-87, so first are shops in Keene Valley and then shops in Keene.


Keene Valley Stores:


The Birch Store, a great place for fine gifts, clothing, home furnishings, local art, etc.  It is a fun place to browse around.  Marion has a great designer's eye for selecting what she carries.  I hear they will soon have an online store.


Corscaden Barn is located over the Beers Bridge off Rt 73 south of Keene Valley. It has supported artists of all sorts for over 30 years and their openings are truly fun events to attend. (summer only)


Bald Mountain Rustics, offers rustic furniture and gifts from it's own workshop (in the barn behind the store) as well as pieces made by artists from around the area.


Leep Off Cycles is a wonderful place for bikes, skateboards and related gear.  Mark's mechanical skills are cited.  It is on Market Street, near Keene Central School 576-9581


Valley Grocery is primairly food but you can buy gifts like KV Fire Dept t-shirts, local maple products, honey, etc.  The store also has an ATM machine, a selection of DVDs and they have a dry cleaning and laundry service (not wash-and-fold but for shirts, dresses, suits, costs, etc).


The Mountaineer, stocks a very wide variety of outdoor recreation gear, maps, accessories and advice.  It is more than mountaineering stuff: also fishing equipment, skis, clothing, books, camping gear, etc.   The breadth is amazing.  They have an online store as well.  Just a bit further down the street they have a outlet shop, open seasonally.  They happily offer local hiking advice, are aware of current conditions and they're into everything they sell.


McDonough's Valley Hardware, is just what you expect from a hardware general store with a long history in town. It has an incredible range of things from garden gear to paint and nails and gifts and seasonal items and....... In addition to its inventory, it is the village post office for Keene Valley. It's a gem. 


Rivermede Farm Market is mostly about food but his maple products are fine gifts.  During the spring and summer he has all the things you need to get your garden growing.  During Christmas has has trees and wreath he makes and will ship anywhere.


Keene Stores:


Black Rooster Maple is a real production maple sugar house where you can see how it works and pick up what you want.  It is on the left just as you enter Keene. from the south.


East Branch Organics is hard to notice because it is BEHIND Stewarts.  It is a full garden center and also has gifts and a wine/liquor shop.


Stewarts is the only gas station in Town so you will be going here. In addition to food, it has a selection of DVDs, an ATM machine, the NY Times, bundles of firewood, and other car related stuff like oil, windshield fluid, etc.   There is, of course, another ATM next door at Champlain Bank.


Keene Arts is a new sculpture gallery located in the old Methodist Church in Keene.  Check their sign for hours, it is open most afternoons in the summer. Various art events happen there.  They also show movies there - check their website for programs.


Adirondack Attic is a source of vintage clothing, fascinating art pieces and its inventory is constantly changing.  It is definitely worth a stop when you are in town.  Something in here will catch your eye that you will never see again anywhere else.

Big Crow Trading is a store for gifts and items for your home or camp.  It is run by the same guys as Darkbrook rustic goods, below.  It is new, replacing what was the taxidermy shop, but renovated.  They have a lot of txidermy items too.


Martha's Rainwater Soaps moved into the renovated Big Crow Trading space.  There is plenty of soap to choose from and also a selection of other gifts.

The Brew Castle is a new store offering a collection of craft beers, hard ciders, artisianal foods, vintage bar ware, gifts and organic clothing.  If you are into craft beer and artisanal food that pairs with beer or cider, this is your place.

Dartbrook Rustic Goods is where a locally famous team of rustic furniture craftsmen led by George Jaques offer their designs.  They do a lot of custom work as well.  It is a beautiful store and their work will take your breath away.


Owls Head Mountain Rustics is further up Rt 73 towards Lake Placid.  It is a season store that offers furniture from a number of artists but also quilts and a wide variety of other home furnishings.


Between Keene Valley and Keene, on 9N Towards Elizabethtown:


Bruce and Annette Mitchell Heritage Gallery offers the works of the two artists.  It is across from the Baxter Mountain trailhead on the corner with Hurricane Road.