22 New Slides are Reasons to Visit the Backcountry

Irene left some 22 new slides up in the mountains.  That means new vistas and changed trail routes. Stream beds, like Syles Brook, have eroded to expose previously unseen geologic history.  Come visit!


The Town of Keene has a new, greatly improved, website with a lot more information than the old one.  Check it out here.  I am working on changing my links from the old site to the new one.  If you find links that don't work, please let me know.  Here is the new link to hiker parking and shuttle information.


Recovery from the flooding caused by Irene continues, even after two years.  The Keene Fire House has been finished.  Things still to be fixed include Hulls Fall Road, the Keene footbridge and the Marcy Field swimming hole dam.  A couple of flooded  homes in the FEMA buyout program will be torn down soon and their lots will become county park land.  There is a plan to replace all the Route 73 bridges from the Northway to Lake Placid; last I read it will be a 2 year project. 

It takes a long time to put a small town back together after a flood!

If you are staying in a B&B, please note some changes.  One place was torn down and is now the site of the new firehouse in Keene.  Another in Keene Valley is closed, and for sale, as the owner passed away.  Actually, another Keene Valley B&B is for sale too, and it remains open for guests.  So, make your reservations early since there are not as many beds as there were before the flood.