New Store Open in Keene, New Coffeeshop Coming to Keene Valley

Come visit this summer!  

There is a new store in Keene, Big Crow Trading, located in the renovated taxidermy shop.  Also, there is also a new coffee house in Keene Valley, next to Keene Fitness. 

The Town of Keene has a new, greatly improved, website with a lot more information than the old one.  Here is the link to hiker parking and shuttle information

Recovery from the flooding caused by Irene continues, even approaching 4 years.   The Keene footbridge will be replaced this year with an old used bridge.  If fact almost every bridge from I-87 to Lake Placid will be replaced this year and next.  So we have temporary stoplights(!) in town, which means that you will notice more about town.  Stop and visit a shop, have a meal or a cold drink, get gas, go the the ATM. 

Keene is doing well.  Broadband all over town has brought new residents, including families with children who are also attracted by our award winning school.  Verizon cell service covers both hamlets and much of the surrounding lands.  Both hamlets have new drinking water systems.  The library is thinking of a major improvement project.  Our Supervisor, Bill Ferebee, is now Chair of Essex County.  We have new, zero-sort, recycling at the transfer station.  So the town is well, and everyone will be happy to see their summer friends again soon.